Thursday, March 7, 2013

Avoid depending on (traditional) Algorithms :-O

Algorithms are important and interesting Part of computer science. Main aspect to reduce the time and resource consuming of the computer.

But i have seen several cons of this concept. Think that you need to search a data within a big database. ah... searching algorithms can reduce the time consuming. now i'm searching what is the best. linear search? m..... no how about the binary search ?.. woow there is a new technology GENETIC ALGORITHM Word is big,Technology is high. i used it. 

But the thing is  we don't even think about a new algorithm we just use it. i think its better to avoid the traditional algorithms. we need to search new concepts. we don't need to make a frames for coding such as "algorithm need to be very fast resource saving one". think that we just coding according to our algorithm. it is very fast than traditional one But resource killer, with compare to the system resources we have. What is the thing we do is neglect it. 

Think, about a situation we have enough compatible resources for that algorithm. then it will be the most powerful algorithm for that scenario.there for we can not measure the algorithm according to its resource using levels.

Some times we neglect some algorithms in order to time consuming but we need to think about the accuracy. For some scenarios we have enough time but accuracy need to be 100%. Even though it has time problem we can trust its accuracy. 

I think its better to plush "time and cost reducing concept" from our minds. All the algorithms has pros and cons. but these are not universal. it depend on the scenario that we are working. According to my opinion its better to use our own algorithms for programming. Make the traditional popular algorithms as referens but don't depend on it.       

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