Friday, February 7, 2014

Java Python Binding

Java is a simple and powerful OOP language that is good for GUI programming rather than scientific programming. Python has its core features lays toward the scientific and logical programming rather than GUI application programming.Since python has minimized code complexities programmer don't need to spent time to map codes instead think about the logic. 

But, combination of these two languages can be very much useful. That's why most of the people looking for a better combination of these two languages.(Projects did for combining python and java) .

According to my opinion any programming language achieve its maximum performance when it has its own style rather than combining another to it. So i intended to use that as a principle when i'm doing this experiment (I didn't do any research about the others projects and architect that they used.)   

I mainly target this for the Windows platform.But with a very simple modification this can be used in either Linux or MAC  platforms. 

I used following abstract algorithm to combine the two parts of the application. 

Java part of the application, made request to CMD to run a special python file and get the output of the python application in to the CMD. CMD execute the command and take the output that given by the python script. then Java application takes that output in to it self.

Full project file of the experiment can be downloaded from here

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