Thursday, March 24, 2016

The concept of "e-man"

A man after 20th century saw lot of things. He i s the person who really experienced the benefits of industrial revelation. 

He was the man who invented computer which change the world so fast. 

Internet that he made was able to connect people. Then it connected people with devices. The novel trend is connecting things with things. This concept we identified as "Internet of things".

Due to this interconnection, knowingly or unknowingly we all has a representation in internet. Previously it's only a electronic ID that we had as representation. But with the vast software systems like Facebook and google,now it is more than an ID.

Every user feed their personal data in to vast scale software systems. So that the ID getting to rich with details like name,occupation,address, email address etc. 

Here we can see a representation of a person. whatever happen to the actual living person, this ID continues. we can use this id to describe relevant person.we will call this as e-appearance 

People getting to think that they can use this e-appearance  to identify a real person. Actually this is a false idea. Imagine a person who has few email accounts. This made him to have many forms of representation on internet. So situation like this, made it hard to identify the actual responsible body.

Then how to solve this????

Think about a real human. how we distinguish one man from another. is it just the appearance and name ?

We will make a small experiment. 

  • You need to find 3 people who knows each other very well, for a long time (more than 5 years). (Imagine their names as A B C)
  • two of them need to be unisex and has identical height and body shape.(B and C)
  • Select those two (B and C) and fetch them to a separate room.
  • dress them same and give them (B and C) a unique mask to ware.
  • After that take them (B and C) to their home and ask to do the day today works as usual.
  • You need to keep a video footage of each person.
  • Then show the video to 3rd (A) person and ask him to identify the person. 

He(A) will identify the person.

What is the fact that A uses to distinguish B and C ?

it is the behavioral pattern. A knows B and C for long time. So A has an idea about the behavior of each. So what ever the appearance they have A can identify them.

So the answer is name and appearance is not the only facts that made a person unique, but combination of name, appearance and behavioral pattern.

In internet also we have unique behavioral pattern. we call this pattern as e-behavior .What ever that we do, where ever that we are using internet, what ever the device we use, knowingly or unknowingly we keep e-behavior . 

If we can combine e-behavior with the  e-appearance we can identify the real living person who's behind the scene. 

The combination of e-appearance and  e-behavior I would like to introduce as e-man.

I wold Like to make an open invitation for the propel who are interesting on this research.


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  1. In real world, when human brain identify a person, it mostly rely on visuals rather than other inputs. (voice, writing pattern, talking pattern are also can be used but they can be easily imitated). But to identify a person, the brain consider all the information it can gather (even past experiences direct or indirect manner). In real world, we are exposed to the world heavily. But when we consider a person on internet, he may have several roles (faces). I think, to Identify a person on internet, it is better to use a complex ID which can be a composition of several bio-metric methods and PKI.