Sunday, April 7, 2013

Why we love Lisp

There are lots of articles on the topic of  "Why we hate lisp" but sundry on the "why we love lisp" with compare to the first topic. Simply i fell in love with lisp because of its power and simplicity. no unnecessary rules no briers to implement what is on mind, simultaneously minimized language limitations. 

For example think about java to print "hello world" on the CMD we need to write bunch of codes. but in lisp single code can print it 

(print "Hello World")

someone can think same thing can be done with python. yes but there also lot of difficulties while we handling knowledge bases in order to implement AI concepts. and also i think Python is a copy of those valuable concepts on lisp.    

List structures are the basic of the Lisp which is most amazing feature in the lisp.  Person who needs to understand the power of lisp simply go through the Lists can be elaborate it more than ever. List is the key of lisp which enable the Lisp features to the user. 

Not only those things Lisp has more flexible features which can use to work with other programming languages rather than other languages. 

According to most articles main problem in the lisp is brackets. but it is none when we use it with a text editor like "Sublime Text"  or "Notepad ++" which indicate the matching brackets with color changes . And next thing is they specializing is "difficult to understand by others" and   " lack of alternative solutions" . I never ever seen a language which has that much of alternative paths to archive a single task other than lisp. There for i wonder what they are saying .

 "difficult to understand by others" has both pros and cons. because its very much hard to copy the codes by others. Because of full of alternative paths functions are depending on the knowledge of the engineer. There for it can't be understand or change by other person easily.