Sunday, May 5, 2013

Phone Gap

Phone gap is an marvelous technology that can be used to create web application for lot of mobile platforms. I tried it with android.

What is the specialty ?
 With phone gap we don't need to have deep knowledge about relevant platform. you just need to have html,css,java script  knowledge. as far as the deepness your knowledge about those and additionally about PHP and jqery you're more success on phone gap. siply you can code and activate the application as a web page.

Benefits ?
We can simply develop an attractive application with minimum effort with compare to other methods.
As we are in a world leading to the online mobile application world, it is much more compatible to archive such tasks.
There are minimized bottlenecks to develop web based mobile applications.

as i experienced there isn't any kind of different between android java web application and android Phone gap application. But we need to think about the speed when we using the j query and images for additional animations.

Reference : PhoneGap Home