Monday, July 22, 2013

Software Engineering from Sandaru's eye

   I found this from the internet. Yes this is true. Because most of the people who use Software Engineer as him/her designation are unaware about the meaning of it. Why this is happening

   Software engineering is not only the coding. Even a person who don't know any thing about the programming languages can make an application by copy and past from the internet. Can we call those applications as complete?

   Most of the people think software engineering is a competition which depend on programming languages. and cording efficiency. but according to my thoughts it is more than that. Programming language is the component which has least priority within the software engineering process. 

        As the software engineer first we need to aware about the problem domain. for this they need to stand on the ground not on the sky.then only they can identify the problems which can apply the software solutions. Most of software engineers sit front of the computer and try to find the solutions for every problem. and most of people categorize them as best and worship until recognize there failures. So first thing need to do by software engineer is switch off the computer until he experience the problem domain. For the better understanding he need to be a well socialized person who has grate communication skills. then only he can suck out all the impotent criteria from the domain beginning from the root level. 

      Rather than imaging the problem experiencing it is much effective. So Software engineer need to be a practical man who can adopt with any kind of situations.People who has better team playing skills and Listening skills can adopt with any kind of situation.

      Next important thing is sort out the problems along with the time. Just we herd the problem we come up with the problems arising along the software developing. but it is not the case we need to consider. in practical live we have to manage several problem faces. family management, entertainment and health management are also need to be considered as problem related to the software engineering. To do any king of work we need to keep attention on it for that we  need to have clear mind. so to come up with a good and effective software, software engineer need to have a clear mind. To accomplish this target software engineer need to be a good manager. Good sorting skills indirectly case to build a good algorithms. 

      Framing is the next thing which need to overcome by the software engineer. any kind of a narrow minded person cannot be considered as engineer. he need to identify the opportunities which can apply his technological knowledge by baring a calculated risk to expand the Performance of the software system. Person who just following someone cannot accomplish this target. So software engineers need to have good backbone to bare a risk.

     finally software Engineer need to have an updated technical knowledge. this is not refer for the programming languages but about the best practices and concepts of software engineering. When we have the concepts it is nothing to adopt to any kind of a programming language. Algorithm designing and resource utilization concepts are much more important for software engineers.

     According to my knowledge and vision for avoid foolish and useless implementation and there continuity those are the evaluation criteria software engineers need to have more than skills to implement any thing that given.                 


LINQ with Microsoft SQL

      LINQ Stand for Language Integrated Queries which is introduced by Microsoft for better database programs. with this brilliant technology we don't need to worry about connection setups and query writing.

       First we need to create the database and the tables. then we can add a "linq to sql class" from new items menu. just after drag and drop the tables on to that class we have a complete class which refer to the relevant database. Now no need to write any query, creating an object of that class will enable you to do any thing to the database without Queries on your hand. 

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