Friday, December 6, 2013

My Funny Lisp book

         Artificial intelligence was one of the subject that made a really big influence on me. Understanding and Implementing the AI algorithms and concepts are really interesting eve though it is very much hard to understand. I learnt "Lisp" as a programming language that we can implement these concepts with minimum effort. 
             Since Lisp has its own style it was really hard to adapt to that style.Almost all the people got confuse with this style. I was one of the student that got overmuch confused regarding lisp and score 0.00 several times in AI class. But finally i worked hard and understood the style and some of essential concepts of the Lisp programming language. But until the final movement, some of my friends unable to understand the thing. so i prepared following document for them 

                The funny thing was i was one of the student who had low marks for the continuous assignment. But i made a document for others. Finally my AI lecturer gave me 56 marks out of 60 because i was one of the student who implemented "Generic Algorithm" using Lisp among few of students who got succeed.

My Generic Algorithm