Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Internet of things

         About a decade ago there are very few devices that can be connected to the internet, such as early adopters smart mobile phones, Some special kinds of expensive cameras and PC s. Most of these connections were wired connection and worn't very flexible for the data sharing. Actually this we can define this era as"Era of human connected to the internet" . Even though beginning of the decade appear as like above, there was very aggressive growth of internet connected devices at the end of the decade. you can see that by referring to the image . 

         This makes the world more connected and more sensitive than previous mean while upgrade the "era of human connected to the internet" to "Things connected to the internet". The word "Things" literally refer for every thing and all (Ex. Animal,Person,Equipment,document,soil,place etc.). The thing that needs to be have to actualize this concept is universal ID that can be used to refer the object uniquely. According to the flow of things, all the objects around us will have virtual representation on internet same as the humans. This makes hard to differentiate devices from live wares because even those things can be hanged with other devices same as live wares. We call this concept as "Internet of Things".This Situation has both pros and cons same as any other technologies and related concepts.

        When we talking about the pros simply we can say, we can connect things with things . So this will be grate advantage. imagine about a refrigerator that propose what you can make from the existing foods instead tell what are the things remaining. Also it is easy to monitor things even in remotely. For example you can monitor your heart beat using your mobile phone mean while your doctors mobile device ready for a react when it has a hard situation. Also there will be a grate searching plat for the users even can be searched for their car key or the favourite shirt. Controlling things and automation will be easy because every device became intelligent due to the connectivity. Simply you can put your dirty cloths in to the washing machine without informing it to when to start the washing task. this will be a grate advantage for the efficient use of energy.

         When we talking about the cons of the technology, due to the high availability of personal details it will be a grate risk for the privacy. Simply NSA can come to your house and do a full search regarding your works and behaviour. Next thing is malware. One of the main concept behind the malware is spread all over the devices as much as possible. so this is grate play ground for the malware. Influence of the malware can be upgraded due to the wide access of the devices.Intrusion is the next main problem regarding this concept.Consider about the previous example that says about the medical report send to the doctor. Web mining is major field to grab details of the web users. so any one can get the contact details and access to the relevant person up to a level of limitation. So any unethical advertiser can use your medical problems to sell their products meanwhile providing the facility to connect with the doctor.

Actually this concept is not 100% of future concept. Just now even when you  are reading this article new devices are connecting with the internet , thousands of experiments are doing related to the well bean of this concept. So we are entering that future even this time.

Be ready for search everything mean while connect with everything