Saturday, January 3, 2015

Tips to debug two WTF errors in MVC ( MVC 4 - Oracle)

         Normally most of the existing programming languages has there own ways to prompt errors to the programmer. IDE makes them sharp by adding knacks that helps user to sort out the error. 

      But some times, there may be rare situations that was missed to address by the IDE or cant address by the IDE. Generally this can be seen when it comes to a new technology which don't have much developer crowd at the movement or when plunging a 3rd party technology to a existing technology. 

        Since i'm a newbie for MVC+Oracle, i had few general errors which are caused to stuck me for few hours , sometimes days.  I had database first approach and i didn't  use Razor but 



I use this term for the program errors that are not giving an enough details to debug it. 

Ex: "Invalid Operation"   

! No error code         
!! No line number
!!! No special module
!!!! No any hint 


  1. Cant see the changes on browser

 2.  "Operation invalid due to the current state of the object "
    • I got this error when try to save the changes by using "SaveChanges()" Method.
[Full Description]

    • There was no any hint where i need to correct to avoid the error. That made this error "WTF".
    • I found one common possibility that directs to this error.
    • but it was not the problem for me.Error continued and i decided to check the database for errors
    • when i tried to perform insertion on database it gave me an error with the message "Permission denied".
    • Finally i found that, i didn't  give the enough permission to  the oracle user to perform the operation on database